A Wonderful Night with Chef Roger


A few days ago, I came to an invitation for having a wonderful dining at Bluegrass Restaurant, to taste the best meal cooked by Abang Roger Mooking, host of Asian Food Channel’s Man Fire Food. Located close to epicentrum and MMC, it is so easy to find this restaurant. Besides, they have a pretty big name-sign of their restaurant close to the front door.

I am feeling so special, since they are really care about everyone who’s invited, they even asking one by one if the invited one is vegetarian or not a few days before the day.


Well yeap, I met a lot of friends here. Mostly from IDFB family 🙂 There were Mba Dita, Mba Winda, Mas Eko, Mba Atika, Mba Oline, and so many more! I came here with my lil sista, and we were really enjoy all the food specially the signature dish, Beef Tenderloin with Shrimp Black Sauce and Brocolli Dust.

As a welcome drink, Bluegrass served us cola and orange juice. Since I dont really like cola (nope, I dont do extreme diet. I just really cant enjoy drinking cola) so I prefer to choose orange juice.


Enough about the chit-chat, let me introduce you to all the meal that Chef Roger gave me! 😁

• 1st course: Steamed Duck Egg


A duck egg with King Oyster Mushroom, Sesame Oil dan Razor Herbs. They also gave a piece of bread to have a complete bite. Though it is still appetizer, they are already served heavy meal lol. Eat this while warm and let the crispiness stays when you eat that together, that’s the best way to eat this menu 😋

• 2nd course: Green Coconut Curry


Is it a curry with coconut? Dunno, but I am seriously in love with the whitefish! Tasty and sooo tender. This menu also contains Moo’s chutney. One thing that I was thinking about the curry: the taste remains me of padang restaurant. Ehe.

• 3rd course: 5 Spices Float


This menu has a lot of braised-fat lamb, micro greens, pickled carrot and some ginger. Actually taste very delicious, I just dont like the feeling while chewing the lamb; it contains too much belly 😂

• 4th course: Beef Tenderloin with Black Shrimp and Brocolli Dust.


As the signature dish of Roger Mocking, lots of foodie who came expected lot from this food. Me either. Of course, I really expect something from a chef in his level! Hehe. The beef cooked in medium, and before the food is serve Roger himself show how he is prepare his signature one. Wew, a free recipe by a chef in high-class? Who does not want it? 😜


• Mango Dessert


Done with a very delicious main course, here comes the dessert: Mango ice creamwith honey rosewater, indian puffed rice and pistachio. This dessert tastes very refreshing after having an heavy meal, it is also suit my tongue although I am still prefer something sweet lol 😅

Anyway, I am really having a delicious dinner with Chef Roger. Thanks a lot for inviting me, you are awesome! I love you Bluegrass, I love you Chef! Cheers!


lots love,
gadis hujan 🌂


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