Vitamin Jaman Bocah

Beberapa hari belakangan I work hard enough til almost drop, not only physically but also mentally. Capek, brur! Since I have a weak body, this condition makes me feel -almost- sick; darah rendah nongol lagi, kepala gampang pusing, bersin-bersin terus, etc. Heran, padahal pas masih kecil I had a lot of activities but I always feel fresh and healthy.

And then I ask myself; aku makan apa sih pas masih kecil? Kok bisa (hiper)aktif terus ya? Padahal ngga pernah mau makan sayur?

Nostalgia sebentar, I do remember that my mom loves to push me to consume suplemen. Segala macem vitamin yang diperkenalkan media pasti dicekokin, thanks God mostly tasted sweet like candy LOL. Tanpa bermaksud promosi, I just want to introduce you some of them:

1. Vitasigi


I did taste three of them and remember how is it feel; strawberry is sweet, orange is less sweet with a sour feeling and the most sour taste but still yummy is apple. Saking doyannya, I ate them more than two almost everyday and made my mom mad at me 😂

2. Sakatonik ABC


Nope, I did not consume this with vitasigi. Yang ada malah keracunan vitamin huft. As far as I remember, this one have an alphabet shape in a small size. Once I thought to find semua huruf from my name, ngga sadar kalau mereka cuma punya huruf A, B dan C huft.

3. Sun-Chorella


In my junior high school level, I had a lot of activities. Les piano, les bahasa inggris (my mom push me to. What a life), PPBn (yeap, I learnt paskibra a few years ago LOL), etc. You’ll never have any idea how tiring it is *curhat mode ON*.
One day I was drop and got sick. While recovery, my mom gave me this vitamin (it is a vitamin, raiyt?) and in a two days I am already doing my daily activities like nothing’s happened. She also gave me this for daily and I never sick. Percaya gak percaya, padahal aku cuma minum 5 pills each day.

What about you? Do you wanna share your suplemen when you are still a kid?

lots love,
gadis hujan 🌂


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