A day with Pisa Kafe, Menteng!

Last week I had a wonderful day at Pisa Kafe. Located at Menteng, I think almost everybody know the location of this restaurant since they’re famous enough 🙂

Eat, Love and Fun

I was invited by IDFB to come and have fun with the other food blogger around Jakarta. “Eat, Love, and Fun”, said the gate. This restaurant has a smoking and non smoking room, and also an outdoor space for you who want to have a garden party lol. Actually, this is not my first time here, but I haven’t try any of their main course but their ice cream, ehe.

When I came here, it is hard enough to find park for my car. I recommend you to use their vallet service, and you can give them tips as you think how worth they are.

When I arrived, the others are already busy taking pictures of their food, lol. Pisa Kafe really treat us a lot of great food, such as:

Spaghetti Gamberi (around 85,000 IDR)

Spaghetti Gamberri

Spaghetti has been a famous pasta since a long time ago. I adore Pisa Kafe for giving a lot of toppings for this pasta, like black olive, cappers, mushroom, spinach, red paprika, chili flake, shrimp mixed with olive oil and also a big shrimp at its top of spaghetti. The chili is really not a joke, perfect only for you who are addicted to spicy food.

Salmone Affumicato Pizza (around 136,000 IDR)

Salmone Pizza!

I always fall in to a deep love with any kind of meal which contains salmon. This menu is not an exception, LOL. Imagine a big pizza with smoked salmon, black olive, chery tomato, mozarella cheese, mixed salad and also a tomato sauce tasted in one bite. Yeah, I did eat that, and I am fallen too far with this pizza.

Volcano Pizza (around 125,000 IDR)

Volcanooo ~

I categorized this pizza as the most unique one that I ever seen. Actually they named this as volcano with a reason. Inside of the pizza were laying smoked beef, mushroom, mozarella cheese, dried chilli and also tomato sauce as an extra effect. Such a creative idea for making a pizza.

Fried Steak Sandwich (around 83,000 IDR)


This sandwich actually a focaccia bread with beef tenderloin, mushroom sauce, mozarella cheese, lettuce head and tomato being in deep friend and served with french fries and mayonnaise. Feeling hungry?

Ravioli Aglio Spinachi di Gorgonzila (around 83,000 IDR)


Home made pasta in pillow shaped with spinach in blue cheese cream sauce. I believe you can imagine yourself how delicious it is ~

Triangolo Pizza (around 129,000 IDR)


Again, I found an unique menu here LOL. This is a triangle shape pizza with chicken sausage, smoked chicken, grilled chicken, spinach, jalapenos, mozarella cheese and also tomato sauce.

Metro Pizza (around 299,000 IDR)


Seriously a big pizza (beware, this menu is created for sharing only!) with four different toppings contain smoked beef,  tuna, smoked chicken, beef salami, mushroom, green paprika, onion, tomato sauce and mozarella cheese.
Welcome this, pizza lovers!

Forno Ostriche Arrosto (around 79,000 IDR)


Say hello to oyster! You will lost at your imagination when you know the ingredients of this menu. This food contains spinach, alfredo sauce, cheddar & mozarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and served with tartar sauce and sliced of lemon. Fresh and delicious shall become the good words to explain the taste of this menu!

That’s all about food. Let’s go to drink and dessert!

La Viola (around 36,000 IDR)


A drink with combination of dragon fruit , blueberry syrup, mojito syrup, fresh lime twist and sprite. Actually a really fresh drink, but I have a lil advice for you; do enjoy this while cold except you want to have a “confusing” combination taste from this drink, ehe.

Sangria Punch (around 39,000 IDR)


My favorite, actually. This is a sweet yet cool drink contains cranberry juice, peach syrup, raspberry syrup, sour mix and slice of fruit. Such a sexy drink for summer!

Autunno (around 38,000 IDR)


A drink with kiwi, peach, apple and cranberry flavours. Sweetness overload!

Coppa Amore


Actually their six mixed ice cream. They were served us a sweet mint, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, nutella and mint with cherry plus whipped cream and chocolate wafer as its topping. I warned you, their ice cream is an addiction. For me, it is the sweet mint (the blue one) and the vanilla (yellow color under the whipped cream).

Fruita Fresca Small (around 45,000 IDR)


It is still a mystery, what is the real fruits for this menu. At my plate there is watermelon, melon, papaya and kiwi while other plate had peach as the changed for kiwi LOL. But still, they only gave us a sweet fruit in their stock ❤

Two Scoops Gelato (around 47,000 IDR)


Nutella and kiwi. I am addicted to their kiwi ice cream. It is fresh and sweet, but it is not too much. Perfect combination. Urgh, I need more of this.

We were just thirteen persons, but Pisa Kafe served us a lot of food that I think is worth to more than 20 persons! Phew, I am so lucky to ever have fun here, gotta come back soon, Pisa Kafe!


Pisa Kafe
Gereja Theresia Street No. 1
Menteng, Central Jakarta
(021) 3928568


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