IDFB taiym with Happy Day Restaurant!

Happy Day!

Hello! Raiyt naw I’m going to write about my moment with Happy Day Restaurant, one of Imperial Group family which is located at Juanda, Central Jakarta. First of all, I wanna say thank you so much for IDFB and Happy Day Restaurant who’s invited me to come and have fun into a marvelous event with the other bloggers!

Honestly, I never come here before. So I found out it is surprising when I knew that this restaurant has been existing for abour 22 years. Wow. No doubt, their ages describe their experiences.

From the outside, you can see a big logo of Happy Day right in front of the door. Slightly seen, this restaurant will look not so big, it even looks like a house-building-restaurant.


Happy Day from outside

But once you come inside, you will see a big space of restaurant with an high ceilings. They even have a second floor which is open if the waiting list is long enough, especially when weekend or holiday. Big applause for the interior design! Still, I suggest you to do a reservation first so you can have a best spot to eat here.



As a welcome drink, Happy Day served us a Happy Day Delight (price around 26.9 IDR). A perfect drink at that time, Happy Day is really know how to relieve a thirsty feeling at a sunny day ❤


Happy Day Delight

Right after that, they gave us Mushroom Soup (price around 18.9 IDR) as an appetizer. Actually, I never have any mushroom soup in my life *I know, I am tacky enough*, so I can’t compare this menu to any other one. But I can say that I love the savory and salty taste which comes from this soup. You shall eat them all while warm, because it is the best time to enjoy the soup perfectly.


Mushroom Soup

After finishing the starter, then comes the main meal lol. The first main course was Beef Lover Pizza (price around 31.9 IDR).


Beef Lover Pizza

As far as I know, this pizza contains meat (beef, of course), paprika, mushroom, and the best part is cheese! The cheese is melted all over the pizza, and that’s make it even taste better ❤



Not so long after the pizza, Happy Day served us Spaghetti Aglio Olio (price around 31.9 IDR). Since my first bite, I know that this spaghetti is special but I don’t know why. Perhaps they have a special recipe back there, maybe an extra garlic or secret sauce? Well no doubt, since the chef has worked for their recipes from a long time ago ~


Aglio Olio!

While I was busy eating *lol, there is always space available for good food*, here comes the best part of this day; they served us a Monster Cheese Burger (around 73.9 IDR) right away! Lalalaaa ~


This is my sweet revenge for doing diet in one week *well, that isn’t working good at all*, you can see it once you see the size of this food. Darling, that’s even bigger than my head!


Bigger than my big head ~

The chef is kind enough, since this is a special event of food blogger, he cutted the burger in four pieces so we can easily eat this. Mamamia! One of my blogger friend named Eko said that the bread for this burger is ordered from other bread-shop under Imperial Group. Served the best quality for the best people huh? 😎

To accompany us eating this “big fellas”, they also gave us Summer Punch (around 17.9 IDR), a sweet cold drink contains pieces of strawberry, kiwi, jelly, etc. Sweet and healthy, ehe.

Summer Punch

As the last, Happy Day served us Chocolate Melt (around 28.9 IDR) as our dessert. D’oh. I thought I can’t eat any more food. But when I saw the chocolate melt right behind the ice cream, I can’t say no at all. I have to take even a bite.

Chocolate Melt ❤

Too bad, I can’t stop eating since the first bite! The sweetness that comes from the chocolate and the ice cream is very delicious. Since it is a home-made ice cream, so it can easily melt. You have to eat them all once it served or you’ll only have milk on your plate lol.

Eating all of good food make me curious, who is the goddess chef behind this all? Glad that I can meet him. His name is Chef Samudi. I even have a selfies taken from my cellphone, ehe. Thanks, Chef! You owned my heart, absolutely ❤

Selfie! Say cheese ~

Hoot, I wish that day won’t have an end, but “see you later” is made for describe this moment. But I have a lot of fun! Party on each table is really exists! Thank you IDFB, kamsahamnida Happy Day, such a beautiful moment it is ❤

Foto published at okezone 🙂

See ya at the next occasion!


One thought on “IDFB taiym with Happy Day Restaurant!

  1. Well indeed the bread comes from the factory with the same group which is Imperial Group ^^ but actually I ate 1 portion of Monster Burger by my self that moment ^^ and like mba Anne (IDFB) said that you can’t find Burger Monster except at Happy Days, now or never ^^


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