Umaku Duren Tiga, South Jakarta

Ohayo gozaimasu!/Konnichiwa!/Konbanwa! *in a mood for greeting you in Japanese* LOL
This time, Im going to write my opinion about one of my favorite sushi restaurant which is located in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta.I came here over and over again but never feeling tired nor bored even once, hoho. This restaurant named Umaku. Have you ever heard about it? Nope? Well, you shall read my writing in my zomato account, @shintatheresia then *smooth promotion, darling. I know it LOL*

Once you come inside, you’ll face an high-enough stairs, since this restaurant located at 2nd floor. It has a lot of lampion at its ceiling, so pretty specially at evening. The lampion isn’t only in front of this restaurant, but also become a part of their interior design. Once you arrive, someone will greet you in a japanese language (well, only its greeting of course. The rest will use bahasa HAHAHA)

2Here I’m going to show you some of my favorite foods here, prepare yourself! (alert: some pictures might make you drooling LOL)

– Sashimi Salmon (around 55k)

food1Actually you can choose, half or full portion. HA! Never try to order half of them! Because you will need more and more and mooore! LOL. But seriously, I recommend you to order the one portion, because their salmon here is very fresh and yummy. Dont forget to use its lemon on the top of the sashimi 😉

– Sake Salad (around 45k)

food4Still, salmon is here. Well, don’t blame on me, I just cant help myself from the perfection of salmon’s taste :)) Perfect salmon, fresh vegetables and delicious dresses are the composition of this salad. You’ll never regret it!

– Volcano Fusion Roll (around 44k)
Salmon (again) with crab stick, tobiko and a special mayo which is be burned on its top. oUCH. Recommended for you who love to eat salmon with other version :p Mamamia lezatos! Mantab!
– Salmon Fry (around 58k)
Well, I think I will only write about salmon, huh? But this one is really recommended for you who can’t eat raw food. They fried the salmon and served with special sauce. Though you love the raw one, I still recommend you this one. You have to try this. Seriously.

– Hot Ocha (around 5k)
Well, nothing can be matched with sushi but ocha. Just like teh tawar at rumah makan padang, ocha is the best match for sushi. Plus, free refill is available here!

Since I come here quiet often, they give me a compliment menu 😉 I guess this is a sushi with tuna fish and a sweet-yet-salty sauce. Cmiw!


Still, to come here isn’t like other big restaurant which actually located besides a big road, Duren Tiga isn’t big enough. Drive slowly so you can find the sign of this restaurant. Well, I also recommend you to use Agya from Toyota, which have a pretty small size of car so you can easily pass the route to this place and also easily find a space park. Besides, this car also have an automatic transmission, which is very useful to face a sometimes-annoying-because-of-its-traffic Jakarta road. With 1KR DOHC 12 Valve Electronic Fuel Injection, I believe this car is using a small amount of fuel, which can make you save more money to eat more food :))
In short: my heart belongs to you, Umaku!


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